HarBowl: Baltimore Ravens' Defense Sets Record This Season

The Baltimore Ravens seem like a team of destiny to win Super Bowl XLVII (or “HarBowl” as some are calling it) with the way things have played out over the last couple of weeks as they’ve pulled off two impressive road wins against the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots to represent the AFC in New Orleans. Over the years, the Ravens have established a reputation for being a team known for their steller defense, but the argument can be made they weren’t as effective during the 2012 season as they ranked 17th overall.

However, Baltimore’s defense deserves more credit than most people give them considering they made history this season.

The Ravens’ defense has been on the field for over 1,300 plays this season–the most by any team since Baltimore won the Super Bowl over a decade ago. It’s difficult to imagine any unit being on the field for that long period of a time as most teams seem like they would be worn out, but Baltimore deserves credit for this type of statistic and they’ve seemed to overcome numerous obstacles in the process.

Clearly, age is a key factor for the Ravens this year as some of their star veterans appear to be near the end of their career, but it should be interesting to see if they let history repeat itself. This group has looked like a team of destiny over the last couple of weeks and there would be no better way to end Ray Lewis‘ career than a Super Bowl win.