Super Bowl XLVII: Bird Curse Could Haunt Baltimore Ravens

In the last three Super Bowls’ involving a team with a bird nickname, the bird has came out on the losing end. The Baltimore Ravens were the last and the only team with wings to hoist the NFL‘s Lombardi Trophy back in 2001. Ray Lewis was on that team as well so hopefully he can win one for the birds once again in a game that is over ten years removed from his first ring.

The Arizona Cardinals looked to have a Super Bowl victory locked up in 2009 but Ben Roethlisberger snagged a victory right from the Cardinals beak with a late game-winning touchdown. Prior to that, the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles both were defeated by stout AFC opponents. Now, the Ravens do feature a logo with quite a ferocious beak so maybe that is what sets them apart from their lacking bird competition.

It appeared early on this year that the Atlanta Falcons could make a play at Super Bowl XLVII but, a red-hot San Francisco 49ers team sure caged them in the Georgia Dome last week. The 49ers do not feature any birds on their logo and have enjoyed the utmost Super Bowl success with a perfect 5-0 record in the big game.

Whether or not John Harbaugh can buck the trend remains to be seen however, the facts don’t lie and they’re not in favor of any team who dawns a bird logo.

The bird woes began all the way back in 1981 when the Eagles were derailed by the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV but, the Ravens have a chance to win one for every team that has a bird on their helmet.