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Looking at the Backup Quarterbacks of Super Bowl XLVII–Alex Smith and Tyrod Taylor

With Super Bowl XLVII (or “HarBowl“) between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers just a few days away, all eyes will be on the quarterback position as Joe Flacco will be squaring off against Colin Kaepernick. There’s a good chance the winner of this game could come down to which quarterback plays at a higher level, but what would happen if one of these teams were forced to go with one of their backup quarterbacks.

Obviously, this is the last thing any of these two teams want to think about, but if it came down to which team had the better option–the 49ers would obviously be in better shape. Keep in mind San Francisco started the season off with Alex Smith as their starter and the only reason why he lost the job in the first place was due to a concussion.

If he had never suffered the concussion in the first place, it’s difficult not to wonder if Smith would be the starter heading into Sunday.

As for the Ravens, they would be forced to go with Tyrod Taylor under center if anything were to ever happen to Flacco during the game. Considering Taylor has yet to throw his first career touchdown pass in two seasons with the Ravens–it’s obvious this is the last situation Baltimore wants to face on Super Bowl Sunday.

The chances of either of these backups playing is highly unlikely, but when it comes to the NFL–you never know what may happen once the game gets underway.