Ranter X: Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco Needs to Think Twice Before Speaking to Media

The week leading up to Super Bowl XLVII has been quite exciting for members of the Baltimore Ravens considering all of the questions surrounding Ray Lewis being linked to PED. However, the argument can be made that Joe Flacco has found himself in a more difficult situation after making inappropriate comments about his feelings towards next year’s Super Bowl being played in New Jersey.

Instead of using the actual word Flacco said, let’s just replace the term with “stupid” when it comes to his feelings towards next year’s big game being played in the cold outdoors. It’s understandable why Flacco would feel the way he feel considering he’s not the only one in the league, but for a Delaware grad–he should have been smarter about what he responded with when the question is asked.

Flacco’s been around long enough where he knows the slightest wrong answer can be blown out of context and he unfortunately had to cleanup his own mess from his inappropriate comments. As mentioned before, Flacco isn’t the only one who feels this way about the Super Bowl being played in New Jersey in 2014 considering the better options across the country.

When fans take the week off to attend the Super Bowl, they usually prefer the warm weather and lovely attractions within the area. When it comes to the Meadownlands in New Jersey–that’s far from the case.

In other words, Flacco has every right to think this is “stupid” to play the Super Bowl in New Jersey–he just needed a better word choice when he was asked about it.


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