Beyonce Knowles Releases Sexy Photo Promoting Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

By now, just about every football fan excited for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII matchup between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens should be even more excited for what is scheduled at halftime as Beyonce Knowles will display what should be an unbelievable performance.

When it comes to the best musicians in the world, there’s no question Beyonce sits near the top of that list as she not only contains one of the most beautiful voices you’ve ever heard, but she knows how to display an amazing dance performance–which is always a plus. For a singer that is displayed unbelievable talent over the years, Beyonce’s performance on Sunday should be an epic one.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Super Bowl halftime show without a bit of promotion as Beyonce has released a sexy promo photo just days before the big show of herself wearing a referee shirt and doing the “Heisman pose.”

Speaking of epic performances, the matchup between the Ravens and 49ers should go down as a good one considering these two teams contain some of the best defenses in the league. Still, this game can be as good as it wants, but the argument can be made that nothing be able to top the halftime show when it comes to the fans watching with neither of their teams playing.

If Beyonce’s promo photo is any indication of what to expect–Sunday will certainly be fun for just about any fan to watch as she should put on one heck of a show.