New York Yankees Would be Wise to Cut All Ties With Alex Rodriguez

The New York Yankees are trying to void Alex Rodriguez‘s contract after he’s been linked yet again to using performance-enhancing drugs. And they should be! How many times does this have to happen before they’ll get rid of this washed-up, overpaid and overrated player?

A-Rod’s current contract is absolutely ridiculous and never should have been offered in the first place, but that’s a different Rant. However, the fact he’s already admitted to using PEDs in the past coupled with these new allegations should make the few true Yankees fans furious.

The Brox Bombers can’t do anything until MLB is done with its investigation, but there’s already a ton of speculation about what New York might do. They obviously can’t trade Rodriguez because no team is dumb enough to take on his ridiculous $28 million salary or his subpar bat at this point in his career.

The problem is A-Rod’s incredible 10-year, $275 million contract that seemingly lasts until he’s 90 years old is guaranteed and only halfway completed. He still has five more years on this moronic deal and he’s going to get every penny unless, as some reports are saying, the Yankees “fire” him and take him to court over the remaining $114 million he’s owed.

Either way, New York has to get rid of him. As one columnist already put it, his entire career is a fraud because he’s apparently used PEDs from the beginning. Not team–even the Yankees–wants a player like that on its roster.

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