Caleb Moore Dead After Fatal X-Games Crash

The X-Games world mourns the death of Caleb Moore on Thursday as he was pronounced dead after a crash in Aspen, Colo. on Monday. While attempting a backflip, Moore’s snowmobile did not complete the trick and landed prematurely, sending Moore tumbling forward. The machine then landed directly on him, crushing his heart. Moore was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency heart surgery, but did not survive the aftermath of this tragic injury.

In addition, Moore’s younger brother, Colten, also suffered a serious injury in the X-Games during a crash that separated his pelvis. Needles to say, the Moore family is going through a rough stretch of days.

What’s crazy about Caleb’s death is that he completed several incredible trick in the same run before his fatal crash. The timing of his tragic backflip attempt was just a split-second off and it resulted in a crash that reminds all athletes in dangerous sports–but especially the X-Games–they are putting their lives at risk every time they practice and perform. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about Moore’s specific crash–it’s just something that happens sometimes in the X-Games. Athletes are special individuals who put their bodies through things that other humans will never experience and the things Moore experienced during his life are ones that were very important to him. “Sad” does not begin to describe this situation, but we know Caleb’s life ended while he was doing the thing he loved most in life.

The thoughts and prayers of the Rant Sports family go out to the Moore family as they’re obviously going through some trying times. Let us all remember that there’s only One who can comfort them in a time like this.