Baltimore Ravens Move Super Bowl XLVII Practice Indoors

At this point in the season NFL players on both teams are beat down and downright exhausted. With that being said the Baltimore Ravens and coach John Harbaugh are taking no chances when it comes to player safety–the team has decided to move practice away from the outdoor field at Tulane University.

Due to fierce winds and a playing surfaces that were much too hard the Ravens will now be finishing practices for Super Bowl XLVII indoors at the New Orleans Saints practice facilities. This should have a positive impact on the team as they will not have to worry about winds or harsh surfaces from this point on.

I’m unsure why the Ravens were even practicing outside to begin with as playing indoors is a huge difference from playing outside. The turf plays much faster in a dome and the controlled climate is always a different animal than the always unexpected temperatures. Peyton Manning would be the first one to tell anyone who would listen just how apples and oranges the comparison between indoor and outdoor amenities are.

This time next year the buzz will be around Metlife Stadium in what will be the first Super Bowl played in a cold weather state without a roof. Ravens Quarterback Joe Flacco is one of many who aren’t fond of the idea as he called it “stupid” and that he “doesn’t like the idea” of Super Bowl XLVIII.

I can’t say I’m to found of the idea either but, what’s done is done and if the Ravens return to the big game in 2014 Flacco will have to deal with it.