Joe Flacco is a Little Too Relaxed About His New Contract

Free agency can be a great thing for NFL players, but it can also be a horrible thing. Players and teams can work through contracts seamlessly with no hard feelings whatsoever and they can have knockdown drag outs over a few dollars. However, no player has ever been quite as nonchalant regarding his pending free agency as Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco.

The Ravens are about to play in the Super Bowl, but Flacco doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned about his contract situation. He turned down “a pretty good chunk of money” earlier in the season when the Ravens offered him a new deal and now seems prepared to test the waters of free agency if Baltimore doesn’t put a number in front of him that he likes before March.

When asked about it during Super Bowl week, Flacco said “it’s real simple”–the Ravens didn’t give me as much as I wanted so I threw them the deuces and said holler at me when you get the number in my range. Talk about confidence (or arrogance?); Flacco knows he’s good and is proving it in these playoffs while putting up record-breaking numbers. Of course, the biggest test is yet to come, but if Flacco plays as well in the Super Bowl as he has in his last three postseason games, the Ravens will have no choice but to do what their players chant in the locker room every time general manager Ozzie Newsome walks by Flacco’s locker: “pay the man.”

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