San Francisco 49ers Should End Joe Flacco's Hot Streak

Joe Flacco‘s numbers during the 2013 NFL playoffs have been beyond phenomenal. He’s simply been outstanding and he’s the primary reason why the Baltimore Ravens are in the Super Bowl after their rough end to the regular season. However, he hasn’t played a defense like the San Francisco 49ers‘ and that unit will put his talents to the true test in the HarBowl.

If you’re betting on the over/under for Flacco’s passing yards and/or touchdowns in the Big Game, take the under. Yes, he’s red-hot right now, but there’s a huge difference between the New England Patriots‘ banged up defense and the 49ers’ rock solid unit. The 49ers’ defense was a top five unit this year in every category and they excelled in shutting down opposing offenses’ passing games. Flacco may be flying high right now, but San Francisco is likely to bring him back down to Earth.

Jim Harbaugh is the best coach in the NFL and the fact he’s had two weeks to prepare for Flacco gives the 49ers’ defense a huge advantage heading into the Super Bowl. Of course, younger brother John Harbaugh has also had more than ample time to prepare, but Jim is the better coach and he has the better defense. You know what they say: defense wins championships and that won’t change this year. You had a nice run, Flacco.

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