Brandon Webb Should Enjoy Retirement, Forget About Baseball

Brandon Webb was once the most dominant pitcher in MLB and it’s a shame that his career has ended early. The 33-year-old, who hasn’t played since 2009, finally announced his retirement after battling through shoulder issues and numerous comeback attempts since his last game. Webb now says he’s hanging it up and will focus on the more important things in life, like family. It’s great to see a player leave the game maturely like this because it doesn’t happen very often.

From 2005 to 2008, no MLB picther won more games than Webb (70). He put together an incredible stretch for the Arizona Diamondbacks during that time and they’d sure be happy to have him back, but it just won’t happen.

It’s incredible that professional athletes can put their bodies through so much physical stress and still accomplish the things they do and it’s a wonder that more of their careers don’t end like Webb’s. He’s rehabbed and had procedures and the whole nine yards, but his shoulder simply isn’t fit to hurl a baseball faster than speeding cars on the freeway twice a week.

Kudos to Webb for realizing that there’s more to life than baseball and that he’s better off to have an arm that works for everyday life functions than one used to work much better than that but doesn’t anymore. Happy retirement, Brandon. You’ll be missed.

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