CBS Should be Upset With Itself Over Joe Flacco's F-Bomb

A vast majority of professional athletes use foul language on a regular basis. That’s a fact as old as dirt and as widely known as how to tie shoes. However, CBS is upset with Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who dropped on f-bomb on national television right after his team won the Super Bowl. News flash: Flacco doesn’t give a flying flip about CBS or any other network for that matter. The CBS director who switched to the mic’d camera that close to Flacco should be the one taking heat  because that’s a huge no-no, especially in a moment like the end of the Super Bowl.

Right after the game went final, Flacco and Ravens lineman Marshal Yanda went crazy as most grown men do after something like a Super Bowl victory. They screamed with profanity-filled elation that should have been expected by a director burdened with the duty of directing the Super Bowl. Act like you’ve done this before, dude.

What’s more is nothing has been said about Yanda, who dropped the sh-bomb right before Flacco’s grand finale. The have to pick on the quarterback (and in this case, Super Bowl MVP) and/or just leave the lineman out of it entirely. If you’re going to get mad at the players for a stupid reason like this, at least give the big man some love, too!

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