New England Patriots and Public Need to Stay Out of Rob Gronkowski’s Business

The New England Patriots signed Rob Gronkowski to a six-year $53M contract this season but, that doesn’t mean that the team has full ownership over the best tight end in the game. Gronkowski is one of the NFLs most polarizing figures for his play both on and off the field but, his latest extracurricular actions have caused a commotion to everyone.

Gronk doesn’t exactly fit the stereotypical “Patriot mold” as he has been caught on camera dancing in countless nightclubs and carousing with some individuals who are quite extreme party-goers.

His latest stunt has him dancing the day after Super Bowl XLVII in a Las Vegas nightclub and getting crazy on stage before falling on his twice-broken forearm that kept him out the AFC Championship game. The talking heads are calling this act “immature” or “childish” and that the Patriots need to “get a grip.”


A 23-year-old is not allowed to go out and party once in a while? I don’t understand why stances are so firm on Gronkowski when he isn’t a criminal nor a bad person just someone who wants to have a little fun and not be statues like Tom Brady or Bill Belichick.

In a league where players are getting arrested for DUI’s left and right Gronkowski has steered clear of the law and he should be commended for his fun actions not persecuted. If Gronk wants to playfully body-slam his friends during a show in Vegas than he should be able to.

The only exception to this rule is if he is unable to suit up in the Patriots opener next season but, he looked fine after bumping that left-forearm and should not be fined whatsoever.

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