No Worries--City of New Orleans Will Host a Super Bowl in the Future

There’s been plenty of talk this week about the possibility of the New Orleans Saints missing out on hosting a future Super Bowl based off what happened during Sunday’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. The game was delayed for over 30 minutes at the beginning of the third quarter due to a power outage, but for anyone who thinks this will impact the city hosting the big game in the future–you must be crazy.

New Orleans is one of the biggest party cities in the country and has always been a great host for the Super Bowl. Not only is there plenty of activities around for fans to take part in when they go to visit, but the weather is warm as well during the time of year when the game is hosted.

With all of this taken into consideration–why wouldn’t the league consider hosting the Super Bowl in this city?

The league shouldn’t let a little incident like this determine whether or not they deserve to host the Super Bowl in the future. If anything, they should just look at the situation as something they can learn from and prevent in the future.

Plus, if everyone thinks what happened this year was a big deal–just wait and see what happens when the Super Bowl takes place in New Jersey next season during one of the coldest months of the year. If there were a lot of complains about New Orleans, just wait and see what happens in New Jersey.