Titus Young Deserved to be Cut by Detroit Lions

The NFL is full of diva wide receivers, but the ones who manage to stick around and put together decent careers are the ones who perform well on the field despite their immaturity. Former Detroit Lions receiver Titus Young definitely falls into that first category, but not the second at this point of his young career (no pun intended). The Lions had every right to cut Young, who many are calling a “troubled” receiver. However, it’s the team that had to deal with all the ridiculous stunts pulled by Young.

Everyone talks about the magical third year by NFL receivers, but Young’s third pro year will come with a different team because the 2011 second-round pick won’t even get the chance to shine in Detroit in 2013. If you’re upset about the Lions’ decision to cut Young, you clearly don’t know much about running a football team.

Young intentionally lined up incorrectly in a Detroit game against the Green Bay Packers in Week 14. If he were on my team, I would have cut him during the game, right then and there. However, the Lions gave him another shot. Then he dissed the team twice on Twitter, which finally resulted in him being let go.

Let’s just say this: you do not want your favorite team to sign Young this off-season. He’s incredibly talented with worlds of potential, but unless he gets his act together, he’ll never amount to anything in the NFL.

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