Manti Te'o's Indefinite Twitter Leave Should Not be News

It’s no secret the quality of news in America is on a downward spiral, but no one knew it was this bad, at least this soon anyway. Troubled Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o had finally seemed to become “old” news until headlines filled the internet with phrases like breaking news in all caps regarding Te’o’s Twitter account, which was wisely shut down. The news stories about Te’o’s “indefinite Twitter leave” made it sound like there was a death in the family and he was taking time away from school and/or football. Well, there was that sorta, kinda death in what was sorta, kinda Te’o’s family, but not really. So with all the garbage in the news about the girlfriend hoax, this “leave” from online social media is actually pretty fitting.

But that still doesn’t mean it deserves a headline on the front page of any site unless it’s one of those prankster sites that makes fun of wackos like Te’o. It’s like every single makeshift news operation out there doesn’t know what news really is, so they spend their time “reporting” on garbage like this. Yes, I’m spending time writing about it now, but for a different purpose. Te’o got more coverage on both sports and general news outlets than any other story in 2012. Think about that for a second. How sad is the society in which we live today?

Whether Te’o did or didn’t know his girlfriend was fake, there should have been some jokes making fun of him for being such a weirdo and then life should have gone on. But no, so much time and money has been spent talking about stuff that doesn’t matter, like his bloomin’ Twitter account. Get a life, man.

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