Top Five Most Disliked Athletes in Professional Sports

Forbes recently released a list of the 10 most disliked athletes in professional sports–so Ranter X decided to chime in and provide his top five favorites from the list:

5. Notre Dame Fighting Irish LB Manti Te’o

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? Not only did he continue to tell a lie after finding out his girlfriend never existed, but many believe he used it to help build his reputation for winning the Heisman this past season.

4. Los Angeles Lakers G Kobe Bryant

He may go down as one of the greatest athletes of all time, but Bryant hasn’t always been the most liked player throughout his career–just ask Shaquille O’Neal from the end of his days with the Los Angeles Lakers. He’s selfish, he’s cocky, and he has a difficult time with sharing the ball with his teammates.

3. Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick

As if the puppy incident from the past wasn’t already enough, Vick is seen as one of the most overpaid athletes in the NFL as well with his $100 million contract. To make things even more frustrating–the numbers haven’t even come close to the contract value over the last couple of seasons.

2. Tiger Woods

Here’s an athlete that was considered a strong role model, only to lose all respect after the news broke out about him cheating on his wife. Not cool Tiger, not cool.

1. New York Yankees Third Baseman Alex Rodriguez

Why would anyone like an athlete that just continues to lie about his involvement with PEDs? All of the evidence says otherwise–so it’s time Rodriguez just comes clean about the whole thing.