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Arkansas Recruit Alex Collins Should Run From Crazy Mother

Every parent wants to see their child go to college and succeed in life, right? Apparently not because Arkansas recruit Alex Collins wasn’t able to turn in his letter of intent on National Signing Day because his mother stole it. Her reason? She doesn’t want her baby to leave home.

Are you kidding me?! The kid’s mom showed up at South Plantation High School in Florida and took his papers. At least that’s what the first report said. Now they’re saying Andrea McDonald is simply refusing to sign the letter because she doesn’t her son that far away from home. She would rather him sign with the Miami Hurricanes.

Now that last part is understandable, but it’s not enough to literally prevent the kid from going to school and playing ball at the college of his choice. This lady sounds as crazy as Ray Ramano’s mom in the sit-come Everybody Loves Raymond. This kid should figure out a way to get his mom to sign the Arkansas papers and then get to Fayetteville as quickly as possible and not come home until Thanksgiving because it sounds like his mom needs a reality check.

This goes along the lines of a mother calling her child’s place of employment or some other embarrassing situation like that. It’s completely understandable that mothers want their kids close to home, but not allowing the kid to go to college is way beyond bizarre. Somebody needs to get a hold of this woman and get Collins to Arkansas so he can play ball and maybe get an education in the process.

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