Curt Schilling Comments Put A New Spin on Steroid Era in MLB

MLB has been riddled with steroids since the beginning of the 1990’s and with the Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun in the news with possible usage yet again it has opened pandora’s box.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher and three time World Series champion Curt Schilling was asked Wednesday afternoon whether or not he was ever confronted with the opportunity to take Performance Enhancing Drugs–the comments have put a new twist on the MLB’s darkest hour.

Schilling endured some shoulder issues after his last season in 2007 and according to him the Red Sox front office believed PED’s  could be a “path [he] might want to pursue” given his age and current condition. If true this shakes the steroid game up completely and the finger starts to point in a direction away from the players which might be exactly what Schilling is trying to do.

Nonetheless, he went on saying that it was an “incredibly uncomfortable situation” and “caught him off guard” but, I wonder if other MLB players reacted differently.

So much has been made about PED’s clouding potential Hall of Famers like Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds and of course Schilling who received just 37.7% of the vote in this years Hall of Fame voting. With this revelation perhaps the perception around baseball will change and these players will not be held as the lone martyrs.

I expect an investigation on the Red Sox organization by the MLB for sure as this steroid puzzle needs to be solved sooner rather than later. Don’t be surprised if Theo Epstein of the Chicago Cubs gets caught up in this mess as he was the General Manager when Schilling said this proposition was offered to him–a different kind of Moneyball I’d say.