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Kevin Garnett Reaches NBA Elite With 25,000 Points

Kevin Garnett is no stranger to controversy but, he is definitely accustomed to playing at a high-level in the NBA. 

Sure KG hasn’t made many friends in his 18-year-career but, he has made plenty of baskets an has even reached the 25,000 point plateau. In a win versus the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday Night he played a solid game pouring in 15 points and five rebounds.

The next milestone for Garnett will be him capturing his second title in a league where everyone has counted out the Celtics.

When Garnett was dealt to the Boston Celtics plenty of experts claimed that the egos between Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and KG were all far too extensive to get anything accomplished. Those doubters were proved wrong when Garnett won defensive player of the year in 2009 where the Celtics were named NBA Champions.

If Garnett didn’t spent 12 years and the prime of this career with the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves he would probably already have a statue sitting in the NBA Hall of Fame. Instead the Timberwolves were abysmal for most of Garnett’s tenure and he still showed up professional each and every day.

The story moving forward in 2013 will be the Celtics success without Rajon Rondo who has played exceptional in his five seasons with the club. At 36-years-old Garnett will be asked to shoulder quite the load without the teams starting point guard.

I have grown tired of his constant trash talk and ogre personality but, Garnett has taken the NBA and ran with it ever since being drafted fifth overall nearly 20 years ago.