Tiger Woods Allows Lindsey Vonn to Borrow His Plane

Unfortunately, Lindsey Vonn made headlines last week after suffering a serious leg injury last week in which she was taken to the hospital by helicopter and the timetable of a possible return to skiing is unknown at the moment. However, fans have taken a step away from her skiing career over the last couple of days as rumors about her possibly dating Tiger Woods have started to heat up.

What makes these rumors even more interesting–Woods apparently let Vonn borrow his plane to take home from Austria after she suffered the injury.

It’s understandable that Woods was just trying to be friendly, but letting someone borrow one of your planes seems a little extreme for someone you don’t happen to be “dating.” If these two thought rumors were hot about them dating before, just wait and see what happens after Woods let her borrow his plane.

Obviously, it would be understandable if the two wanted to keep things on the down low for now considering Vonn’s divorce was just finalized in January. As for Woods, well, just about everybody knows about his history when it comes to dating–so there’s no reason to get into those details anytime soon.

Only time will tell when it comes to whether or not these these rumors end up being true. The only thing certain at this point is that Woods let Vonn borrow his plane–which seems like a big step in most minds when it comes to how serious two people are in a relationship.