2020 Olympics Will Not Include Wrestling

The international Olympic Committee has made a tentative decision to drop wrestling as a sport in the 2020 Olympic Games. That decision can be reversed when the IOC reconvenes in September, but folks close to the situation (I know, they’re trying to make it sound cool like the NFL) say that’s unlikely to happen. However, do anyone besides the wrestlers, their coaches and their families care?

No disrespect to the wrestlers around the world who are talented enough to compete in the Olympics, but outside of a few extremists, there aren’t a ton of fans, especially in the United States. But of course, the IOC says there’s nothing “wrong with wrestling” and this decision is simply “what’s best for the Games,” but we know that’s not the whole story.

There’s already speculation about why taekwondo was kept and not wrestling. Those who follow the Olympics closely say it’s because Samsung is one of the IOC’s biggest sponsors and taekwondo is to Korea like football is to America. Funny how money still rules everything even when it’s not supposed to and folks like the Olympic Committee are supposed to make decisions solely off “what’s best for the Games.”

Well, if you are one of the few wrestling fanatics in America, enjoy wrestling at the 2016 Rio Games because that may be the last time you see it on the largest international sports stage. However, we can’t say that everyone else feels your pain.

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