Indiana Still Being No. 1 Proves College Basketball Top 25 Rankings Mean Nothing

Everyone is making a big fuss over the Indiana Hoosiers still being the No. 1 team in college basketball after a loss to the Indiana Fighting Illini on a buzzer-beater, but why? Indiana bounced right back to beat No. 10 Ohio State right after that to stay atop the college basketball top 25 rankings, which are completely worthless. The fact everyone is making a big deal out of Indiana still being No. 1 proves just that.

There’s absolutely wrong with Indiana no longer being No. 1 because there is no No. 1 team in the country. This isn’t college football (which also has a pathetic top 25 system, but that’s another Rant); a team doesn’t have to go undefeated to be No. 1. College basketball is more competitive than it’s ever been and this particular fan wouldn’t have it any other way.

The voters are probably sick of the No. 1 team changing like the wind, which has been the case for the past five weeks, so give them a break for leaving a team like the Hoosier, who are a solid bunch of basketball players, at the top after one little blip.

Thank goodness we have the tournament to throw all these worthless rankings out the window. Once that craziness starts, it doesn’t matter if you’re No. 1 or ever have been at any point–you can win the whole thing and nobody cares which number is next to your team name. Indiana will be one of 68 teams soon with equal paths to a title. There’s only one No. 1 team and we don’t know which ones it is until the end of March.

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