New England Patriots are Bluffing With Wes Welker Contract Dispute

Why is that some contract disputes between teams and players are blown way out of proportion and others, like Wes Welker vs. the New England Patriots, go completely unheralded unless something crazy happens? Well, the Pats seem determined to keep Welker without giving him a ton of money, even though no one in the NFL has even come close to catching as many passes as he has over the past six years, and he seems content just playing their little game. As boring as the spat may seem, it could make a huge difference in another team’s future.

The Patriots are playing tough, but they won’t let Welker leave. They may think they’ve got it all together with their pair of superstar tight ends and the overrated Brandon Lloyd but if Welker leaves, their offense will drop from an elite unit to a good unit and Lord knows they don’t have a defense, so that would mean no more Super Bowls for the Brady Bunch.

What’s funny is New England is acting like it’s seriously considering allowing Welker to leave when everyone knows that couldn’t be farther from the truth. What’s even funnier is Welker is just loving every minute of it. He knows they won’t let him leave, so he’s just toying with them until they snap. He’s going to get paid, he knows it and we know it. Why won’t the Patriots stop acting like they’re tough? We all know it’s just a big facade because they’re a finesse team, always have been and always will be. And that applies to their front office just as much as it does to their players.

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