Nick Saban Needs to Get a Grip on His Alabama Crimson Tide Players

The Alabama Crimson Tide have been victorious in three out of the last four National Championships but, I have Head Coach Nick Saban in the doghouse as his players are partaking in some criminal activities lately.

National Signing Day is one of the biggest days in CFB as it gives high-school athletes across the country a chance to sign with the collegiate program that they believe gives them the best opportunity. Now, the Crimson Tide have great recruiting classes each year in terms of on-the-field production but, how about off-the-field?

Last year Eddie Williams was a five-star recruit for the Crimson Tide but, has been charged for two different crimes in the last 48 hours. Williams was arrested on Sunday for carrying a weapon without a license and was involved in a on-campus mugging with three other players on Monday.

Around 3:20AM Monday morning D.J. Pettway, Brent CallowayTyler Hayes and Williams were arrested for two different robberies in a matter of hours. One of which turned into a fraudulent use of a student credit card to purchase something from a vending machine. This act is nothing to laugh at however, if you stole a credit card wouldn’t you use it on something other than a snack that can easily be traced back?

Saban is the one who should take the lions share of blame if you ask me as he is the one recruiting these players and bringing them to Alabama’s campus which is one of the best in the SEC.

If you’re going to praise Saban for his recruit’s play on the field then you have to punish him when they commit crimes already as all four suspects are only freshmen.