Why is Joe Paterno's Family on TV Still Talking About the Penn State Scandal?

The fact Joe Paterno‘s family is on television almost a year after the Penn State scandal is mind-boggling. The man’s legacy will never be the same, no matter what they say, but he will still always be remembered as one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. What happened at Penn State had nothing to do with all the wins JoePa piled up on the field, so that part of it will never change. And despite the efforts of Paterno’s family to “clear his image,” it will never happen because no one can interview him and that will never change.

Paterno is now passed on to a different place. Even if you knew the guy personally, you still have no idea whether that new place is better or worse because it says so in the Good Book. Regardless, what we think about Paterno will soon be forgotten and the only remains will be those documentaries on cable channels that nobody watches. Paterno’s family will watch and relive it each time, which isn’t wise, but you can’t really blame them.

Paterno’s family knows what happened and they know what kind of man he was away from football and that’s really all that matters. They’ll drive themselves nuts trying to change the image of a man who is no longer here to defend himself, yet that’s exactly what they’ll die trying to do.

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