Super Bowl Saturday Idea Proves NFL is Most Unintelligent Sports League

Do the folks who run the NFL take turns hitting their heads each day? Seriously, the stupidity of the No Fun League is mind-numbing and becomes worse all the time. It’s been three years since the league decided to play the 2014 Super Bowl in New York and NFL officials are just now realizing that bad weather might be an issue. Forget a light bulb; how about half a million watts of flashing strobe lights? Get a clue, folks!

So now, after the 1,000-day delayed reaction by these rich buffoons, we’re talking about having the Super Bowl on Saturday–a day early–or “postponing it for several days.”

Why can’t these morons just have the Big Game at a normal location like Miami or anywhere else with a dome? If they’re so worried about the weather, why did they choose to play it at MetLife Stadium (not a dome) in a region that always has rough weather in early February?

On the other hand, the league doesn’t make exceptions for bad weather for any other game. Theoretically, there could be playoff games at MetLife Stadium two weeks before the Super Bowl, at which time bad weather would be just as likely as the day of the Big Game.

So either way you slice it, this is arguably the worst move in NFL history, and that’s saying something. Roger Goodell‘s tenure as commissioner becomes a bigger joke each day and it looks like that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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