Daniela Holmqvist Redefines Tough After Overcoming Spider Bite at Women's Australian Open

Female Swedish golfer Daniela Holmqvist is the toughest golfer in the world and that includes any male who’s ever played the game. During her final qualifying round at the Women’s Australian Open, Holmqvist was reportedly bitten on the ankle by a black widow spider. Now the stereotype would suggest that should we have screamed and cried and probably forfeited the rest of the day, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Holmqvist used one of her golf tees to gauge out the spider’s venom and then finished her final 14 holes.

Holmqvist didn’t qualify with a 74 in that round, but who could even finish a round after something like that, much less shoot a 74! I couldn’t shoot a 74 with a 10-stroke handicap on my best day!

Even with the finished round, Holmqvist gets a special kind of woman card for not panicking, gauging out the venom, doing it with a golf tee and not shedding a tear.

Now some folks are now reporting that it wasn’t a black widow spider but a red back spider that bit Holmqvist, but that doesn’t matter. Any poisonous spider bite would end most anyone’s golf round, especially a qualifying one, but not Holmqvist. She’s an inspiration of toughness and she can play with any group of guys she wants. Well, I probably wouldn’t want her playing with my group because she’d beat me by 20 strokes, but it’d be cool to watch her gauge out some venom with a golf tee. Epic!

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