While Celebrating 50th Birthday, Michael Jordan Picks Kobe Bryant Over LeBron James

Who’s better, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Is either one as good as Michael Jordan? Will either of them ever been as good as Jordan? Neither, no and no are the answer to those questions, yet we keep going with the pointless debate until the end of time it seems. During the week-long celebration of Jordan’s 50th birthday, His Airness was asked specifically which player he would take (I know, it’s a vague question, but that’s what was asked) between the two and he picked Bryant. However, the only reason he cited was the fact Kobe has five rings and LeBron only has one.

Well considering Kobe is eight years older and has been in the league seven years longer, I would think he should have more rings. Jordan complies, saying James very likely will get five rings or more, but he hasn’t yet, so that’s why he would take Kobe if given a choice between the two.

What Jordan doesn’t realize is that by taking the easy way out of the debate, he opened up another pointless debate about his own career. Many believe Jordan would have ended up with at least eight championships had he not retired 19 times and had his little baseball stint. However, he only ended up with six despite all the admiration and bold predictions that he would have won many more had he never left the game at all.

Since he has six rings and other legends like Bill Russell have more, Jordan is arguing that others would take guys like Russell ahead of him. Depending on your point of view, Russell might be the best player of all time even though Jordan is widely regarded as just that. However, MJ picked Kobe because of the rings and now we have to discuss these things that don’t matter, so enjoy.

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