Los Angeles Lakers Owner Jerry Buss Passes Away at 80

Sad news in the basketball world this Monday as Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss passed away at the age of 80. Buss had been in and out of the hospital while dealing with cancer and it’s a shame to see basketball lose one of the greatest owners of all time when it comes to professional sports.

When looking at all of his accomplishments throughout his career, there’s no question Buss will always be considered one of the top owners of all time in professional sports as he brought 10 championships to the city of Los Angeles after buying the team in 1979. What’s even more impressive–Buss purchased the Lakers for just over $67 million back in 1979 and the team is worth more than $1 billion today.

Without Buss, there’s no question the Lakers wouldn’t have the type of reputation they have today as an organization built on winning traditions. Just look at the type of talent Buss brought to the Lakers over the last couple of decades and there’s no question he will be missed by the Lakers and their fans.

Even if you’re not a fan of Los Angeles, you still knew who Buss was and the type of impact he had on the NBA since taking over as owner for the Lakers. Any owner from any professional sport could learn a lot from Buss and he’ll certainly be missed after everything he’s done for the league over the years.

Kobe Bryant said it best–Buss was the greatest owner any player could have asked for.