Michael Phelps Has New Girlfriend--Sarah Herndon

From enjoying retirement life to celebrating his favorite football team in the Baltimore Ravens winning Super Bowl XLVII, it’s safe to say Michael Phelps has been enjoying retirement life over the last couple of months. However, it appears one of the most popular Olympic athletes of all time is enjoying another exciting part of his life–his new model girlfriend Sarah Herndon.

Once again, Phelps is dating a new model working as a waitress as the 22-year-old Herndon recently met the swimmer while on vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Apparently, Herndon and her sisters were selected at random to sit at Phelps table in the club–which obviously went well as the two of them hit it off.

While the two have made every effort to keep their relationship as private as possible, Herndon has made it no secret how head over heels she is for Phelps and it should be interesting to see how much her popular skyrockets over the next couple of months.

The ladies have always been a big fan of Phelps–so it’s safe to say Herndon has made a lot of fans jealous since the two became an item. With the type of life he’s lived, it’s safe to say just about anyone would love to be Phelps just for a day considering he’s already retired at a young age and now has another attractive model girlfriend to show off to the public as well.

If she was having trouble finding modeling jobs before–it’s safe to say Herndon won’t be having trouble anymore.