Kobe Bryant Makes Mark Cuban Eat His Words

You would think Mark Cuban would have learned to keep his mouth shut by now, but apparently not. It was kinda sorta understandable when his team was winning 50 games every year, but now that the Dallas Mavericks are a bubble NBA playoff team, he should probably just keep quiet. If he doesn’t figure it out on his own, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant has offered some help.

On Friday, Cuban randomly said the Lakers should dump Bryant through the amnesty clause to clear up cap space, presumably and slyly indicating he thinks Kobe is a problem for LA. Bryant scored 38 points in a Lakers win over the Mavericks on Sunday and wasted no time tweeting “Amnesty THAT” right afterward. Bryant went on to say that Cuban should amnesty Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki and the Lakers would “entertain that.”

Again, why would Cuban say that in the first place? Sure, the Lakers aren’t the Lakers this year, but the Mavericks sure aren’t anything to write home about either. Why would Cuban tick Bryant off right before their two teams met? Does he not know Kobe’s history?

Bryant’s first response is typical, but his second is interesting. There were rumblings of a Nowitzki-to-the-Lakers trade this past offseason and the fact Kobe brought it up again suggests Los Angeles might still be interested in acquiring the German star for 2014. Food for thought, if nothing else.

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