Brent Musburger Strikes Again With Katherine Webb Bikini Poster

Brent Musburger is asking for it. The man clearly has a thing for younger, attractive women but then again, what warm-blooded American male doesn’t? Still, Musburger has a very large platform from which to express his fancy with beauties like Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron‘s girlfriend and bikini model, Katherine Webb. A month after drooling over her during the BCS National Championship Game on national television, Musburger was asked by an Iowa State basketball fan to sign a bikini poster of former Miss Alabama. Not only did he agree, but added “She’s a 10!” above his signature and posed for a picture with the fan and poster.

Webb apparently doesn’t mind the attention because she called Musburger’s comments during the college football title game “flattering” and then retweeted the picture of him, the fan and the poster. One would think she might start to think this whole thing is creepy, but she evidently is enjoying the overnight fame Musburger gave her during the BCS National Championship Game that earned her a spot in the latest Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition (her Twitter following literally went from a few thousand to well over 100,000).

Of course, McCarron hasn’t exactly been pleased with Musburger’s continuous public admiration for his girlfriend, but he also has handled the situation with relative class. Would you do the same? Comment below and let us know how you would handle Musburger’s recent behavior if Webb was your girlfriend.

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