James Franco's Joke Towards Danica Patrick Was Unnecessary

Actor James Franco may like to think he’s one of the funniest in the business at times, but what he did last weekend before the Daytona 500 when he made an awkward joke about Danica Patrick was anything but funny.

Franco thought it would be funny to shout, “Drive and Danica, start your engines!” as the race was set to begin instead of the traditional opening. While many fans may have found this funny, this was the last thing Franco needed to do considering how much pressure Patrick has already faced throughout her career.

It’s no secret how difficult the journey has been for Patrick as a female trying to earn the respect from other drives and if anything–Franco’s comments just motivated her even more to drive better during the race. In fact, Patrick did end up making history in the race–so it’s safe to say this may have been the case.

There’s no question Patrick will go down as one of the greatest drivers when it’s all said and done considering how much history she’s already made this season and if you think she’s overcoming plenty of obstacles right now–just wait and see what’s in store over the next couple of years. Patrick seems like the type of driver that is going to just keep getting better each year and there’s a good chance she’s only going to continue making history.

Maybe by then, Franco will have more respect for Patrick and will avoid any jokes like this in the future if he ever finds himself at a race again.


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