LeBron James Continues To Torture NBA Fans

LeBron James is the best dunker in the NBA, but unlike Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant he doesn’t have a Dunk Contest trophy to show for it. In the last decade James has been courted and begged to partake in the contest, however he continues to deny.

After footage of James putting on a show in pregame warm-ups surfaced fans are again daydreaming about him finally entering the event in 2014. While the consensus about the 2013 All-Star game was positive the dunk contest received awful reviews and talks are on-going about possibly yanking what once was a basketball spectacle. It would be a shame to see a contest that has been around for 29 years go for good.

The Miami Heat are riding high on a 12-game winning streak and James and his club are the favorites to repeat as champions come June.

I would understand James decision to not partake in the event if it was like the Home Run Derby where it hinders one’s game, but the Dunk Contest is simply a exhibition of who can throw down the hardest. After ten years of pleading with James to appear in the contest he still hasn’t budged and it’s a shame given his athleticism and potential to do something great.

Personally, I think James has no interest in pleasing his fans and has asked reporters before “why don’t you take a poll and see if you think I have more to lose than gain?” It’s obvious that he feels that he is either too large for the contest or doesn’t want to risk his already battered image.