What Does Tom Brady's New Contract Extension Mean?

Apparently all of the ludicrous contract extensions recently signed in baseball are having an effect on the football world as well. The New England Patriots have given quarterback Tom Brady yet another extension, this one through the 2017 NFL season when he’ll be 40 years old. That number seems to be the magic on lately as Brett Favre had his best season at that age and both Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez‘s current MLB contracts extend to or past it. Apparently 40 is the new 30 in professional sports.

Seriously, though, are the Patriots trying to recreate the magic Favre conjured in his 19th NFL season, which was also arguably his best? How can they be so sure that Brady will still be able to play at a high level then? That’s still four seasons away and he’s been rumored to have both shoulder and elbow problems over the past two years to go along with his torn ACL back in 2008. A contract to keep him around until he’s 40 just seems like a stretch at this point.

Also, are the Patriots content with entering the 2013 NFL season without a No. 1 receiver? Wes Welker is still a free agent and has needed a new contract for well over a year now, yet it’s Brady who gets even more money and more years.  Well, Brady may be the only star left for the Patriots by 2017, but that seems to be okay with New England.

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