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Chris Stewart Gets Ejected In New York Yankees Spring Training Game

In today’s day and age the athletes aren’t nearly as fiery and gritty as they were twenty years or even a decade ago. So, when New York Yankees catcher Chris Stewart got ejected from a spring training game versus the Toronto Blue Jays I had to applaud him.

Stewart is a 31-year-old catcher looking to get a starting gig for the first time in his career and he thought he beat out a ground-ball in the second-inning of Thursday’s game. Umpire Marty Foster called Stewart out claiming that Jose Reyes‘ throw beat the Yankees catcher to the first-base bag.

I always believe that if there is a game being played and someone is keeping score than nothing less than 100% effort should be expected. As the years have gone on competition between rival teams has decreased and the hostility has dwindled for some odd reason. Players like Stewart know the rigors of the MLB and minor-league lifestyle and wasn’t going to let Foster call him out without a fight.

It’s rather comical I must admit that Stewart is getting thrown out of a game in February, however we all remember the scuffle that the Yankees had with the Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 where both benches cleared. Prior to that brawl the Rays didn’t have a winning season in nine years of existence, however since the fight the Rays have averaged over 91 wins a season and even reached the World Series in 2008.

Although it may seem minimal I promise you that this is not simply an act of “roid rage” on Stewart’s part as he is fighting to make his mark on Yankees head coach Joe Girardi.