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Stephen Curry’s 54 Points Go to Waste as Golden State Warriors Still Lose

When an NBA player scores 54 points in a game, it almost seems like a given that the team he plays for should have gone on to win the game. Unfortunately, that was far from the case for Stephen Curry as his impressive performance against the New York Knicks wasn’t enough for the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday.

Despite Curry’s performance, the Warriors went on to lose the game 109-105 in a game in which David Lee was forced to sit out due to a suspension. With the type of numbers displayed by Curry, you would think Golden State would have gone in to win the game, but numerous mistakes by some of his teammates played a key role in the team’s loss.

What’s even more impressive about Curry’s performance is he managed to connect on 11-of-13 shots from three-point range and his 54 points are the highest of any player so far from the 2012-13 season. If the season were to end today, the Warriors would still be in the playoffs, but if they can’t manage to win games when Curry displays these types of numbers–how can anyone expect them to survive in the postseason?

Golden State should be embarrassed of themselves as a team considering these types of performances don’t come around often and the numbers displayed by Curry seem like nothing but a waste now. Even if Lee wasn’t in the lineup, the Warriors should still have found a way to win this game and it should be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for them–especially when Curry displays these types of performances.