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Elvis Andrus Misses Texas Rangers’ Game Due to Soreness From Tattoo

The Texas Rangers have been very undeceive regarding shortstop Elvis Andrus‘ future this offseason with top MLB prospect Jurickson Profar looking over his shoulder. However, that might have changed on Thursday when Andrus missed the Rangers’ Cactus League game due to arm soreness from a tattoo. True story.

Andrus reportedly spent nine hours getting a tattoo of his late father on his arm and the pain was so bad that he could not play on Thursday night. What’s more is Andrus said he’s never getting another tattoo because it hurt too much. So basically, Andrus was ordered to give up his man card twice in one sitting. How does that even happen? He’s a professional athlete. They’re supposed to be big, strong and tough, right? Apparently not.

By being such a wuss, Andrus certainly isn’t helping his case to remain with the Rangers in 2013 and beyond. If Texas hadn’t made up its mind already regarding the Venezuelan’s future, it probably has now. I can guarantee you that Rangers manager Ron Washington doesn’t want wimps on his team and this little episode makes it evident that’s exactly what Andrus is.

I really hate this because I’m Texas native and a big Rangers fan and Andrus is my favorite player on the team. Now he’s questionable and likely won’t be with the team much longer. So much for that new jersey I wanted to order with Andrus’ No. 1 and just “Elvis” on the back.

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