Rory McIlroy Disappoints In Defending His Honda Classic Title

Rory McIlroy is the number one golfer in the world, however on Friday he showed exactly how egotistical and how much of a quitter he can be.

McIlroy and the PGA field knew he wasn’t going to defend his title at the Honda Classic as he was seven strokes over par after just nine holes in the second round. Rather than take his lumps like any great athlete or perhaps make a storied comeback, McIlroy shook his playing partner’s hands and heading to the parking lot to leave the course entirely.

Upon getting into his car McIlroy told reporters that he was “not in a great place mentally” therefore he would trek to his home in Jupiter, FL and call it a day. Later on, he would apologize for the abrupt finish and said that his wisdom teeth were indeed responsible for this subpar outing.

While I honor his apology and hope he recovers from a painful toothache, this can’t happen to the best golfer on the planet. I don’t understand why Rory couldn’t just finish the round and exit with the rest of the golfers who didn’t make the cut–quitting should be frowned upon by the PGA and McIlroy’s fans.

I have to admit when I first hear Rory speak of mental issues I immediately thought of Tiger Woods who has had his issues off of the course in years prior. Something tells me it’s not just a bulging tooth that is bugging the worlds best golfer, but time will tell if my hunch turns into reality or if Rory just needs to see a dentist.