Tiger Woods Pars Hole After Hitting Into Water

If you thought Tiger Woods was done, think again. A week after getting bounced in the first round of Match Play, Woods pulled the ultimate stunt that only he could accomplish: par a hole after hitting into the water. During his first round at the Honda Classic, Woods’ tee shot went into the water and was partially submerged. But instead of taking the penalty and dropping, Woods removed his golf shoes and socks, pulled out his nine-iron, waded into the water and hit the ball back onto the fairway. Two strokes later, he putted in for a par four. Again, only Tiger.

Sure, Woods hasn’t won a major since his little Thanksgiving episode with his then-wife, Swedish model Elin Nordegren, but he’s still Tiger. How many times have folks even tried to hit a ball out of the water? For the few who have, how many times have they even come close to parring the hole, much less actually accomplishing it? That’s about what I figured: no one knows of such a case.

This is one of those moments when an elite professional athlete who seems to be past his prime reminds us he’s still one of the all-time greats. After Michael Jordan turned 40 and was playing for the Washington Wizards, he scored 43 points, becoming the oldest player ever to do so. So often when we talk about players becoming the first to do something, he or she is either the youngest to do it or it’s a career milestone. Rarely is it something accomplished by the oldest player.

Although Woods’ career is far from over, this specific play was reminiscent of Jordan’s 43-point game after the age of 40. He may not be the dominant force he once was on a weekly basis, but Woods can still do things that no other golfer can…and he’s going to make sure we don’t forget it.

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