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What is Robinson Cano’s “Significant Offer” From New York Yankees?

Will Robinson Cano be the next incredibly over paid New York Yankees star? The Bronx Bombers are hoping to keep their second baseman longterm and avoid having to go through free agency after the 2013 MLB season, so they reputedly made a “significant offer” to Cano. At this point, no one knows what Cano thinks of the offer, but he didn’t accept it immediately, so that must mean it wasn’t ideal in his mind.

No one knows exactly how much the Yankees offered Cano or how much he wants, but we do know the sides were “far apart” in negotiations earlier this offseason. What’s more is the Yankees called Cano and top 10 or at worst a top 15 player in all of baseball. That seeme like a compliment until Cano’s agent said he’s a surefire top five player. Well, this may sound like a battle of compliments, but the difference in a top 15 and top five player is monumental when it comes to contract negotiations and we’re talking like $100 million monumental.

Of course, Cano’s agent said he’s preparing for the upcoming season and isn’t worried about the contract negotiations, which is a load of horse radish, just like when every other agent says that about any other player who is soon to be a free agent. Most speculation around the Big Apple is that Cano will test the free agent market and just see exactly what he’s worth to other big spenders in baseball. Who knows? The Los Angeles Angels might make him their third incredibly overpaid slugger in as many years. If you don’t think Cano hasn’t noticed the big deals given to Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton, think again. He’s out for that kind of money, but the question remains: will the Yankees give it to him?

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