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Randy Moss Hints at End of Career With San Francisco 49ers

Apparently Randy Moss knows something we don’t. After one less-than-spectacular season with the San Francisco 49ers and his contract up, Moss tweeted what appears to be confirmation that he won’t be brought back for another Super Bowl run in 2013.

Why would the 49ers bring Moss back? Besides serving as an overpaid decoy, he didn’t do much in 2012 with either of San Francisco’s starting quarterbacks, Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick. He caught a grand total of 28 passes (ties career low) for 434 yards (second-lowest career total for three touchdowns (ties career low). Moss’ career-low numbers in catches and yards came in 2010, when he played parts of the season with the New England Patriots, Minnesota Vikings and Tennessee Titans before missing the entire 2011 season. In other words, he’s not much help to any team without a superb quarterback throwing him the ball.

Looking back at Moss’ career, the only times he put up great numbers where with Daunte Culpepper in Minnesota and Tom Brady in New England. Both quarterbacks led the league in passing at some point while throwing Moss the ball. While with the Oakland Raiders, Titans and 49ers, Moss didn’t do much because he didn’t have a very good signal-caller to make him great.

In short, it can be concluded from these numbers alone that Moss was pretty overrated throughout his career. Sure, he set the woods on fire as a youngster in Minnesota and broke records with Brady, but he did absolutely nothing (and admitted it) while with the other teams. So are we surprised the 49ers evidently aren’t bringing him back for another run in 2013? Absolutely not.

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