Adidas Making A Fashion Statement With Latest NCAAB Jerseys

Adidas is in the news once again and this time it’s for some jersey designs that are receiving quite a bit of flack. College Basketball is often a place for high expression and intense emotion, however this type of wardrobe may be taking it to an extreme.

While the shorts look like something that belong at a beach, the tops are considerably interesting given the sleeves that go along with the three of the team’s jerseys. College programs have attempted this in the past and it’s even extended into the NBA as the Golden State Warriors donned sleeves in late-February this season.

Even the most traditional universities like the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are catching onto the trend as they will be wearing lime green outfits if indeed they make a NCAA tournament run in 2012. The Irish are one of the most storied programs in the collegiate realm, however this trend-setting mission could end with them having egg on their face–these uniforms have gotten plenty of criticisms because it strays from the traditional green and gold.

Although some of te uniforms may not be easy on the eyes Adidas is claiming that they will give players an advantage on the court. Adidas Director of Sports Marketing Chris McGuire, had this to say “the adizero uniform system gives players the leading performance technology with a distinctive on-court style.”

I have no doubt this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Adidas, but hopefully the designs improve over time as College Basketball shouldn’t be marred by wardrobe malfunctions during the biggest time of their season.