Golf Boys Return With Another Hit Single: 2.Oh

After their first single “Oh, Oh, Oh” became an internet sensation, the Golf Boys are back at it again with their second single–“2.Oh”

Golfers Ben Crane, Bubba Watson, Rickie Fowler and Hunter Mahan are showing off their rap skills once again in this latest video and as crazy as it sounds–they may have topped their previous single this time around. From rapping about 25 inches on their golf cart rims to dressing up in ridiculous costumes, the golfers come through once again in this hilarious video that is already becoming an internet sensation once again.

The best part about these videos is all proceeds go to charity–so give these guys all of the credit in the world for taking the time to make fools of themselves in these videos once again with “2.Oh.”

We’ve seen plenty of professional athletes show off their rapping skills over the years (Shaquille O’Neal ring a bell for anyone?), but it’s difficult to top the type of performance displayed by Brane, Watson, Fowler, and Mahan in this one. Of course, if there’s anything negative to say from this video, it would be fans most likely wish there was more choreography this time around.

If you remember there first video, the dancing was so terrible it was hilarious–so maybe they’ll take that into consideration when coming up with ideas for their third installment. Either way, this has to be one of the funniest spoof videos by a professional athlete ever made and let’s hope they continue to be just as hilarious in the future.