Jack Nicklaus Has Some Strong Words For Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods hasn’t had a major victory since 2008 and has came up short in his last 14 attempts on the golf course. His latest skid is drawing criticism from someone who has been in Woods’ corner since day one, Jack Nicklaus.

In a debate that is as large as the Michael Jordan and LeBron James comparison, golf fans around the globe usually have to pick a side whether they believe Nicklaus or Woods’ is the greatest golfer of all time. Currently, the stats would say that Nicklaus is the more victorious of the two with 18 major wins compared to Tiger’s 14.

The Honda Classic was another disappointing showing for the 37-year-old as he put four shots in the water and attempted 15 shots from the bunkers. Woods was never better than 3-under par and played 46 of the 72 holes over par however, Nicklaus still has faith in the scuffling golfer. Nicklaus said after the tournament “I still think he’ll break my record” when referencing the elite 18 major titles that Woods has been chasing for the past 15 years.

Although Nicklaus offered up some encouragement to Tiger he didn’t shy away from giving Woods a swift kick in the rear when he said Tiger “had better get with it.” As the winningest golfer of all time Nicklaus has every right to say what he feels, but I think there is plenty of time left for a golfer that is enduring a painful drought.

For those on “team Tiger” there is a statistic that will give you the upper hand in any Nicklaus battle. At age 37 Nicklaus had competed in 60 tournaments and won 14 of them. Woods won’t turn 38 until December and has competed in 60 tournaments with (you guessed it) 14 major wins. Maybe Nicklaus needs to re-asses his criticism of Tiger.