Serena Williams Fails to Snap Photo of Tiger Woods at Honda Classic

Serena Williams is one of the most dominate woman-tennis players of all time, but even she was denied when she tried to get a picture of Tiger Woods at the Honda Classic.

A golf tournament that had already gathered attention due to Rory McIlroy‘s surprisingly early exit, is even bigger now as this time the security are in the limelight. Williams was at the tournament on Friday and on the 17th hole she wanted to get documented proof of one of the best ever in Woods. Her attempts were futile at first as the security guard informed her that the gallery isn’t allowed to take photos of the golfers under any circumstances.

Williams is a superstar in her sport and has grown accustomed to fans snapping pictures of her, but she’s got to know the rules before heading to a golf tournament.

She vented her frustrations via Twitter so, don’t be surprised if someone from the PGA catches wind and apologizes to the legend before long. It is always funny to see a celebrity like Williams fall prey to the everyday problems that the regular fan endures on a daily basis–I wonder if you would take to twitter if you were denied the same photo-opportunity?

At the end of the day Williams did wind up with her picture as her rebellious ways were made public when she tweeted a photo of Woods teeing off at the Honda Classic. This can be chalked up to a superstar being in unchartered waters and having to respond to someone saying “NO.”