Juniors Hockey Ejection is One For the Ages

The NHL has taken a firm stance on fighting in years prior, however Canada’s Junior Hockey league is now in the news for some violent behavior by one rogue hockey stud who apparently had enough.

Ryan Hutchinson is the latest dummy to make it big on the internet with a childish temper-tantrum during the Kingston Frontenacs game versus the Erie Otters that made heads turn and jaws drop. It began as a simple scuffle on the ice, but Hutchinson stole the show embarrassing himself more with every step he took.

He was escorted out of the rink after fighting with the Otters, but he didn’t feel like the crowd in Ontario had seen enough of his wild side. At 17-years-old Hutchinson obviously has anger issues and they mounted after he failed at kicking an Otters’ helmet off of the rink. Naturally, he had to turn up the immaturity and reverted back to the days when WWE was on top of the world by throwing an innocent chair just before heading into the locker room.

Up to the chair-throw I saw Hutchinson merely as a hot-head, which isn’t uncommon in the NHL nor the Junior Hockey leagues. As I saw the kids walking into the picture my initial thought was that he better not take his rage out on the innocent children. Instead the meat-head launched the chair in the direction of the kids causing them to scamper away from Hutchinson’s wrath. The occasional rant is perfectly fine, but when kids are involved cooler heads need to prevail.