National Rifle Association to Sponsor NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in Texas

Here’s a shocking bit of news–the National Rifle Association will be sponsoring the NASCAR Sprint Cut scheduled to take place in April and will be called the NRA 500.

Obviously, with all of the controversy surrounding gun control from the last couple of months, it should be interesting to see how this race turns out for NASCAR when it comes to whether or not they will regret this decision. There’s been plenty of talk over the last couple months about how this country needs to make gun laws more strict–so to see see the NRA go out and sponsor a NASCAR race will most likely stir up controversy from certain fans unhappy with the decision.

Still, it’s not like the NRA hasn’t sponsored races before–so there may not be a reason to make that big of a deal over something like this. Either way, this is certainly going to be an issue that will be discussed heavily over the next couple of weeks leading up to the event and it should be interesting to hear what fans have to say.

On the bright side, at least fans in Texas can begin to get excited about this NASCAR Sprint Cup event coming to their town. Despite all of the controversy surrounding the NRA sponsoring the event, it’s no secret the state of Texas certainly loves their racing and April 13 will be here before you know it.

With the way things have gone this season, there’s a good chance this race will turn out to be just as exciting as the rest.


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