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Vince Young at Texas Pro Day is a Joke

When college football players are preparing for the NFL Draft, they typically participate in the NFL Combine and/or a Pro Day hosted by their respective university to aid them in their quest for a pro career. After they’re drafted or enter the league as a free agent, there is no second chance. There is, but it’s through individual workouts with specific teams who are interested. However, two former draft busts are starting over and participating in Pro Days again this year, long after they first entered the NFL. Vince Young is the latest bust to attempt a comeback and he will not only participate in a Pro Day, but it will be the one hosted by his former college with current players leaving the university to enter the NFL.

This is sad, really. Young joins JaMarcus Russell as washed-up, pathetic excuses for top three draft picks who squandered their opportunities in the NFL, but are now seeking redemption from sources who owe them nothing. Sure, Young helped the Texas Longhorns to a national championship, but that was back in 2005 and he hasn’t played in Austin since then.

Don’t count on him helping out the current college players looking to enter the 2013 NFL Draft, either. If anything, he’ll be hurting the draft stock of those players. Did you see him play with the Philadelphia Eagles or Buffalo Bills in recent years? Dude couldn’t hit a barn with a watermelon, much less but a pass on the money to a streaking receiver with lockdown coverage and the pass rush pressuring him. Young can’t help anyone, so he’s getting a favor from Texas for old times’ sake. Don’t count on him making a comeback, though. There are three NFL teams who won’t be at this Pro Day to watch him and all the others there likely will be more interested in the fresh talent that doesn’t have a history of idiocy.